News 26 Feb 2018

DISC Testing Explained

Mills Resources and Trusted Labour are pleased to offer psychometric assessment services to our clients. Psychometric assessment complements behavioural interviews, skills testing and reference checks and is another “piece of the puzzle” to assist you in selecting the best applicant for a position in your company.


We offer two types of psychometric assessments.

Extended DISC is a set of psychological assessments administered on-line and take approximately 15 minutes to complete. The assessment determines an applicant’s strengths and weaknesses according to the DISC profiling system. DISC stands for:


DISC is incredibly flexible and can produce several helpful reports from career development reports to team building reports. The recruitment assessment we use is called Recruit & Select.

Recruit & Select assessment provide you with a clear understanding of an individual’s natural behavioural style and the types of tasks and activities they will feel comfortable undertaking. This is hugely valuable when evaluating job fit for a role.

Interviews, by their very nature, can be stressful. You need to see past the interview process and identify what could be an ongoing issue, such as stress, pressure, uncertainty of role, insecurity or other emotional issues the recruit may be experiencing. That way you can ensure any new recruit is not only fit for their new role, but fully motivated and comfortable with their job description.

The Work Personality Index (WPI) assessment is an advanced measure of work personality characteristics. It provides a valid and dependable measure of personality traits that directly influence an individual’s work performance and task effectiveness.

It measures 21 personality traits that research has shown are related to work performance. These traits indicate how individuals work with others, approach their tasks, solve problems, manage change, and deal with stress.

The WPI assessment provides a clear framework for understanding the impact of personality on job performance by measuring personality traits that are directly related to the work environment and job performance, making interpretation of results straight forward. The assessment we use is called WPI: Select.

The 10-page WPI: Select online report provides you with a comprehensive, objective assessment of work behaviour. The WPI: Select report describes an applicant’s approach to tasks, way of interacting with people, and performance at work. The WPI: Select report is a powerful tool to complement ability testing and structured interviews, and will provide valuable behavioural information as part of your next hiring decision.

The WPI Measures:

  • Energy and Drive: ambition, initiative, flexibility, energy, leadership, multi-tasking, persuasion, social confidence.
  • Work style: persistence, attention to detail, rule-following, dependability, planning.
  • Working with others: teamwork, concern for others, outgoing, democratic.
  • Dealing with pressure and stress: self-control, stress tolerance.
  • Problem solving style: innovation, analytical thinking.

    The cost of administering an assessment is $225 + GST per assessment. Speak with your consultant to obtain example copies of each assessment to decide which one is best suited to your needs.

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