There was a previous case where a very inexperienced foreign worker knelt in acid and never told anyone, a few other members of staff saw the damage to his trousers and didn’t bother to ask what had happened, they all just buried their heads and ignored the potentially life-threatening injury which could have been fixed within 2 minutes with a spray of DAP to neutralize the acid. Instead, the injuries went untreated for 4 days until infection set in, and the worker nearly lost his legs and his life.  This resulted in permanent injuries for the worker and a huge bill for the insurer.

Safety is a Team Activity

Safety is a team activity not just aimed at people who hold the qualification and are trained within WHS.  Attitude and organizational skills, adhering to policies and procedures all play a pivotal role for each and every individual who has a responsibility to their own safety and other members of their team even if they think it is insignificant, if it’s raised an eyebrow then it permits questions to be asked and it is worth investigating further.

Safety Education

Ensuring everyone has a good understanding of safety and procedures in the work place should be paramount for any business.  It is important for the safety management team to educate all staff within the workplace through consultation and/or toolbox meetings to openly discuss safety issues this informs co-workers formally and informally to protect themselves and look out for one another.

Speaking up

Workers need to know they can speak up when it comes to safety issues in the workplace without the fear of losing their jobs.  Team members should communicate openly offering warnings, reinforcing safety and alerting to anything that is a concern.  You should not be put in the position where you fear losing your job over bringing a safety concern to an employer.  If the employer does not take the matter seriously then you know that you can and contact Worksafe to express your concerns and receive the correct guidelines and steps of action to take.  Needless to say if you work with Trusted Labour you can contact us directly with your concerns.

Onsite Inspections

Worksites should have regular and up to date essential HSE professionals and Recruitment Consultants participating in site safety inspections, safety observations and relevant tool box talks, demonstrating and reviewing any necessary requirements and practices for the workplace.  This is also an opportunity for any employees and employers to bring to the attention, concerns and questions (big or small) they may have in relation to a safety hazard.

It is important to realise that we are all responsible for the safety of ourselves and others no matter who you are within a business

If you saw smoke pouring out of a building would you walk away or call emergency services? Obviously, you would call for help.  So why in the work place would work mates walk away when they see a potential hazard?




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