When a recruiter places a job ad, they list the job title, job description, a bit about the company, the qualifications required and the essentials. There are “must have’s” in all job advertisements.  When reading through these ads do you think about reviewing your CV before clicking the “apply now” button?  These are the points I look for as soon as I open a resume if I can’t see what I’m looking for I move on to the next.

Many job-seekers have never applied for a job and the ones who have very rarely hear back with regard to their applications, so they never get the chance to learn what they could have included on their CV.

Hold Fire!

It’s not a case of just fire your CV out to all the random jobs you think you can do.  You need to tailor your CV to the position you are applying for.  Read through it first.  Go through each description listed and review your own CV and see if it aligns within what the ad is seeking.

Do your research

Once you have read through the advert and you have a clear understanding of the role on offer, if the name of the company is available, then I would suggest researching the company, or call the contact on the ad and ask for more information.

The Essentials

Make sure to address the ESSENTIALS.  If the advert says you MUST have a certain license or trade qualification, make sure your resume shows it and that you actually have obtained/experienced or qualified in it.  Don’t make a potential employer hunt for it while wasting your time applying for the position if you don’t have the MUST haves!

Keep it on point

CV’s don’t need to be 20 years long and at times 20 pages, please!  It’s just too much information.  They only need to show the last 10 years of experience, starting with your most current position at the top.  If a company requires any extra information they will be sure to ask for it.

Stay relevant

School results from 20 years ago are irrelevant if you are 35 years old applying for a position in construction based on your trade qualification you have obtained within the recent 2 – 5 years it is completely irrelevant that you received an A+ in Art at high school!! If we need to know this extra information or how well you did in your cooking classes in year 8 we will ask for it!


So, take a few minutes when applying for positions making sure you actually have what’s required above, not just a desire to get a job, any job.

Resume writing doesn’t come naturally for the average job-seeker, so practice makes sense, along with asking for advice from friends, family or a professional.


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