Our services include the management of the recruitment process, specific people searches, payroll services, as well as benchmarking, networking, and ongoing support, and based on our client’s needs and objectives, the service we provide can be scaled up and down.

We give our 5 tips on the hiring brief processes we know make grounds for successful and promising placements and ongoing client satisfaction.

Client Satisfaction

Correct detail and understanding are what the client wants for a successful placement leading to a well-fitted appointment.  This supports the client’s satisfaction ensuring a successful business relationship resulting in ongoing and sustained results for the client, candidate and recruiter.

Position Descriptions

Most companies have in place “Position Descriptions” for each employee role.  Usually formulated by HR in conjunction with a Department Head.  This is an important document outlining the responsibilities so that all parties are clearly informed of the performance expected within that role.  The document sets the primary foundations, functions and outlines the skills and experience required within the role, therefore protecting each party and clarifying all expectations.

Position Descriptions can include the following:  job title, reporting structure, salary or wage rate, KPI’s, previous experience, skills set, location, qualifications, hours expected and so on.

Tomorrow’s Opportunities

The person applying for employment is the most important contact in getting the process right.   What type of person do they want in the role?  “Managers want to hire for tomorrow’s opportunities, not today’s problems”  They need client focused performance from the recruiter to provide them with what they need.  Building a long-lasting relationship between the hiring manager and the recruiter is imperative.  A relationship must be established to acknowledge and understand on a whole, the company and their background giving a clear objective of what their needs really are therefore being able to source the most suited candidate.

Applicable screening

If HR advertise the role they will generally formulate an interview list for the Hiring Manager from the CV’s they receive, within this list the recruiter has already executed the correct and applicable screening questions for the companies’ requirements and that are suited to that role

CV Hot Spots

A CV only gives an impression of previous skills and job experience which in essence does not necessarily mean that the candidate is right for the role.  The keys to a successful appointment is to not only match the job experience and skill set but to match personal “Hot Spots” that the Hiring Manager relates to and wants to work with, such as adaptability, communication, critical understanding, character, competition, attitude, wider industry knowledge, accountability, humour, team spirit and others.

“Did you know?  DISC is a behavioural assessment model based on a theory by Psychologist William Moulton Marston.  it is used around the world assisting in understanding human behaviours in the workplace.  It focuses on four different behavioural attributes: dominance, persuasion, support, and compliance.”

What you see is NOT always what you get.  The answer is always in the detail.  Know and understand what your Hiring Manager wants in the employee as THE PERSONALITY MIX is what makes it work.  Learned work skills and experience only work if the environment in which they are applied is right

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